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Easy Process
To start with, you need to set up an account with us.
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You can then send us an order by filling in the Order Form. You can also request a free quote by going to the Quotes section
Order Processing
Once we receive your order, the processing unit controls the checks and, if necessary, ask for clarification by email.
Planning Unit chooses the right person for the job and makes a careful planning of how each task should be executed.
Our Digitizers interpret the designs/jobs and do what they know best...they digitize your order with the highest artistic skills keeping final production in mind.

High QC
Quality Check then rechecks the design and add some finishing touches if requirement is needed. Our two-stage system checks all possible defects that can occur in color changes, trims, densities, etc. We also check if the design meets your specific requirements perfectly.
To download the design, all you need to do is login & you will get to your order list. In this list, you can open the order that you're looking for & click on the download button for the file you wish to download. We can also send the design to your email address.
Your feedback is really important to us to improve our quality more. However, after sending your designs you have to leave a feedback about your each design.
Your credit card will be charged only when we send you the invoice and orders are finalized. We accept payment from Visa/Master Card, or PayPal. Full Payment details will be shown on your invoice/statement.
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  • Wow you guys are simply
    awesome to provide such a
    great job.
    Tammy Mark
    Designs Forever
  • I just stitched it out your first design
    an it looks very Good!!!
    Kim David
    7 Sky Designs
  • Really my all job was done perfectly :)
    Now i wanna share my whole business
    with you.
    Max Brian
    Express Sports Wear
  • My new customer is really happy
    to get your digitized logos
    thank you very much.
    William Gonzales
    Expert Punch
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Refund Policy
We always try to provide outstanding quality digitizing by our team of experienced digitizers. However if we are unable to meet your quality standards and demands, then we won’t ask you about payment even any single penny.
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